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So...I was looking at my bare cupboards and saw I had 2 kg of rock hard brown sugar. I wondered to myself what should be done with this? I know it will need to be softened no matter what so I throw it in a small pot with some vegetable oil and flax seed oil, maybe 3tbsp each. I then noticed I had a few full flake oats left along with a 5kg bag of Quick Oats. I decide to make granola bars. I throw in some unsweetened coconut to the sugar & oil mixture, on medium-high heat and stir until I can smell the coconut toasting. Then I added cinnamon. I then realize apples would be a great addition, so i slice up 1 medium apple, throw it in a pan with some honey & veg oil & cinnamon. Then when slightly carmalized/browned, I added it to the sugar/coconut/oil combo. I slowly started adding my flake oats (1/2 cup) then once they were fully incorporated I added my quick oats gradually until I had the "right" consistency. I removed from heat, and put it into a loaf pan, patting it down compressing it as much as possible. Now it is in the oven baking, and I hope it turns out to be cuttable into granola-bar type snacks.

Anyways my timer just beeped, so I'm going to go see how it turned out and then put Squisher to bed. Wish me luck and I'll post pics of the final product at the end, with a taste testing review. I see it being much too sweet...

Edit: This is 1 of 6 equal sized pieces. Chapstick for size reference. Maybe 1-2cm thick.


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